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1. This 12 units maxilla reconstruction case includes three separate fixed partial dentures over 11 custom  abutments.    Two remained teeth have questionable longevity. In order to ensure easy and a cost efficient  fastening of future replacement (of questionable teeth) we constructed sections in the following manner: Each distal end of an anterior section carry a female part of a semi-precision non-rigid connector while each mesial end of posterior sections carry a Tube & Screw attachment. For an aesthetic reasons an indirect composite piece is made to cover lingual ledge and tube part of attachment on each end of a posterior section. To ensure easy retrieval for future treatments each section has a lingual set screw as a mean of fixation. In a case of failure of any of the remaining teeth a hybrid Maryland bridge with a male part of non-rigid connector on mesial and  fastening  wing on distal will be constructed.







2.This is a very interesting full mouth implant reconstruction that took us more than a year to complete. After carefully determined vertical dimension we proceeded with mandible reconstruction: 14 units in three separate fixed partial dentures over 9 custom  abutments. A possible failure of one or more anterior  implants made us to construct posterior sections with parallel attachments to accept  a removable partial denture as a potential replacement for an anterior FPD. Each posterior section has a matrix of a Biloc (intracoronal slide) attachment on distal end and  patrix of SwissEx attachment on mesial as well as milled lingual ledges (later covered in porcelain because of an aesthetic reasons). Anterior section has a custom made semi precision female part on each distal side to create a non rigid connector with posterior sections. To ensure easy retrieval for future treatments each section has a lingual set screw as a mean of fixation. Much simpler, maxilla restoration consisted of  a three separate fixed partial dentures(14 units) over 12 custom abutments locked together with Score-up attachments in addition to three lingual set screws. An excessive bone loss is cosmetically reconstructed with custom pink colored porcelain.